Ready Made Garments

We are a team of experienced and professional Inspectors, help buyers to inspect their goods. We committed to render sincere, neutral, amiable and cordial services reflecting the actual and trustworthy.

Field of Our Service:

Home Textile – Towel & Bath Wear – Socks – Fabric – Shoe & Leather goods – Bags & Luggage – Ceramics & Glassware – Stationery – Handicrafts. (Knit, Woven, Sweater – All kind of Readymade Garments)

We offer: 

*Pre-production, *During Production Inspection or Garment Inline Inspection services, *Before Delivery Inspection to assess textile and apparel products *pre-shipment and post-production.

Pre-production Inspection:

Incoming quality control
Raw materials check

During Production Inspection:

Sampling of finished products
Identify problems found in the inspection report
Acknowledgment by the factory of inspection findings.

Garment Inline Inspection:

Sampling of both semi-finished and finished products
to assure the quality of the entire production.
social compliance and safety visual checks.

Before delivery:

Final random inspection
100% inspection of all finished goods.
Container loading supervision.

Green inspection services help you assure product
quality by identifying varying levels of defects in your
products, including:

Critical Defects – hazardous or unsafe conditions or
non-compliance with regulations includes sharp
points or edges, stray needles left in the garment,
loose studs or missing suffocation warning labels

Major Defects – overall product failure or reduced
usability of the product that prevents it from being
placed on the market, can include open seams,
holes or broken stitches

Minor Defects – unlikely to reduce product usability,
includes items such as loose threads
During textile and apparel inspections,

We are following:

Fabric Check – assesses weight (sweaters), print quality, defects, hand feel to standards

Garment Labeling – to ensure label contains all required information, including registered identification number (RN), country of origin, fabric content/care and attachment of label in the proper location

Workmanship Assessment – evaluates stitching, construction, attachments and fasteners, embellishments, shading within a garment, pattern continuity/matching, tapes and linings

Our team will also ensure that fabric width, fabric length and fabric appearance (weaving quality, splices, odors) comply with the relevant standards and regulations during the production process.

Prior to shipping, Our team will review the packaging list to ensure it includes overall carton count and carton numbers, carton dimension and weight, shipping label, style or shade identification and corresponding counts in the carton and packing slip.

Once the carton is packed, we confirm the actual garment count, the carton is packed as specified, appropriate carton dimensions are displayed, poly bags are checked, hangtags are included to confirm SKU/price, barcodes are included and the garment shade identification is correct.

Service Offering Rates:
We are offering our best competitive rates as below with a very little margin just to establish a good business relation with good clients.  

Inspection Type  Production Description  Offer Rate/USD  Workmanship Sample Size  Measurement Sample Size
  In-Line/DUPRO (10%-30%) Goods Sewing /Knitting/Finishing/ Packing Done US$ 50 USD -Per Inspection & Report. 1 Pcs To 315 Pcs 300 point
 In-Line/DUPRO  (10%-30%) Goods Sewing /Knitting/Finishing/ Packing Done  US$ 100 USD -Per Inspection & Report.  500 Pcs To 2000 Pcs  600 point
 PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) 80% Packing Done & 100% Goods Sewing & Finishing Done.  US$ 100 USD -Per Inspection & Report. 1 Pcs To 315 Pcs 450 point
PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection)  80% Packing Done & 100% Goods Sewing & Finishing Done.  US$ 200 USD -Per Inspection & Report.  500 Pcs To 2000 Pcs  600 point
100% Inspection  Each Pcs Check. Full Order Quantity  US$ 0.08 / PCS Each Pcs. Each Size 3 Pcs. Cover All Color.
Re-Inspection (PSI)  N/A  US$ 100 USD -Per Inspection & Report.  As Per Client Requirement  As Per Client Requirement

Hope, the above rate would be competitive and acceptable to you. Further we think rate would not be a big factor rather we want to be associated with you. We are always ready to accept your Inspection order.

We assure our services to protect your trade interest all the time.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at any time.