Services & Procedures

Post Landing Inspection Services:
• To ensure to get information regularly arrival/landing condition of the cargos.
• To facilitate to know the extent/nature of damage/pilferage/loss of cargo, if any.
• To enable the clients/importers to lodge claim to the shipper/carrier or appropriate authority who is liable for damage/ pilferage/loss, if any.
• To facilitate the importer/client to know the actual quality of cargo arrived.
• To enable the client/importer to lodge claim on quality differences & short weight, if any.

Inspection & Survey Method Followed by the ‘Green Inspection Services’.
In view of performing its mandate post landing inspection in highly professional & satisfactory manner “Green Inspection Services” Company has adopted the following procedures in different stages of inspection.

A. Sampling /Witness of sampling/Testing:
• Green Inspection Services’ is determined to take special care in drawing samples so that those represent the whole lot/consignment properly.
• This company proposed seal the drawn representative samples and arrange testing/analysis in the independent & well equipped laboratory or sent the same to the clients as desired by the client.

B. Weighing / Supervision of weighing:
• This company pays special attention to verify and check the weighing
apparatus/scale to ensure that those give correct reading.
• Inspection of this company remains vigilant to avoid any sort of manipulation in the scale or in weighing figures.
• Inspectors of this company are well trained and sincere enough to ensure proper weighing.
• Checking with the documents regarding vessel’s name, container Nos. and
their respective seal Nos., sailing date of vessel etc.

C. Inspection of Packing and Making:
• This company checks carefully and ensure that packing of export/import packages are done as per contractual requirement as per international trade practice and also that adequate measures have been taken by the shipper/seller for the protection of cargos against humidity absorption and other source of damage.
• This company checks the condition of packing as to whether that is suitable for transportation, loading & un-loading in transit and to protect loss or wastage of cargo.
• This company verifies the shipping marks with shipping instructions for easy identification of cargo at port of destination.

D. Inspection of fitness of containers and vessel:
Where the clients in this company require it inspects thoroughly the carrying
ship’s hatches, decks, containers, trucks, railway wagons etc. to be sure of their
cleanliness and fitness prior of loading/stuffing.

E. Supervision of Loading:
In case of loading supervision ‘Green Inspection Services’

• Confirms that only the inspected and passed cargo is loaded/shipped at the time of shipment.
• Checks the general condition of cargo at the time of arrival to the port of shipment.
• Checks that the cargoes are handled properly with due care during the operation of loading/stuffing to present damage/wastage.
• Where required by the clients checks carefully that the hatches of the vessel are closed properly and the doors of the containers are closed and sealed properly.
• Checks with the documents regarding vessel’s name, container Nos. and their respective seal Nos. sailing date of vessel etc.

F. Supervision of Discharge/Unloading:
In case of supervision of discharging or unloading this company

• Deputes their personnel stand by to supervise carefully the operation of unloading of cargo from the vessel/containers.
• Keeps vigilant so that the cargoes are handled properly to prevent unusual damage/pilferage/losses.
• Ascertains carefully the total quantity discharged/unloaded cargo by draft survey/weighing.

* Quality Control/Testing Services:
– Sampling, Testing, Analysis (Chemical and Bacteriological)
– Phyto-Sanitary Certification.
– Documentation.
– Certificate of Origin etc.

  • We are affiliate in Bangladesh for SOSEA (International Cotton Controller) who is the member of IFIA, ICA, FOSFA and GUFTA